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Riesling Ale

The first beer of it's kind! We actually blended pure NY riesling juice with an American wheat beer and came up with something truly unique. The nose starts out a bit grapey and spicy, while the flavor is a subtle blend of white wine and malt. We kept the color and body light; really light and ramped up the carbonation level to bring out the fruity aromas. This is the perfect beer for those hot, Western NY summer days we all know and adore. Brewed with Pale, Wheat, and CaraPils Malts. Hopped withCentennial and Mt. Hood. Alc. 4.5% by volume.

East Coast Amber

For this one we stole the best charecteristics of east and west coast beers and meshed them together— we wanted the malty flavor of an east coast beer and the hop attack of a west coast beer. To accomplish this we used a blend of European crystal malts with our standard pale malt base; to this we selected a special new strain of yeast to give this beer its dry east coast malty finish.Brewed with Pale, Crystal, and Caramunich malts. Hopped with American and German hops. Alc. 5% by volume.

Gunny Mac Black Lager

For all of you dark beer lovers out there, we present this smooth, full-bodied black beer with a clean, crisp finish. The malt is truly the star of this brew— a highly roasted malt and a dark crystal malt give it a unique roasted flavor of creamy smoothness. How did we balance this huge malt flavor? We blended American and German Hops! Brewed with Pale, Chocolate, and Dark Crystal malts. Hopped with American and German hops. Alc. 5% by volume.

India Pale Ale

Our interpretation of an "American India Pale Ale". We once again used a blend of domestic and European malts to create the base to this very hoppy beer- these malts give the beer it's beautiful copper color. The hops are all American, as is the yeast- we juiced up the alcohol to a healthy 6%, so enjoy this one in moderation. The hops will come at you immediatly through the nose and follow through the flavor of the beer; while the malt will play a secondary role. Brewed with Pale, Crystal and Toasted malts. Hopped with 3 classic American hops. Alc. 6% by volume.

Raspberry Wheat Ale

The first in a series of seasonal beers, this fruit beer is sure to please. We started first with a light base beer made with only the finest pale ale and wheat malts. Sticking to the conservative side with the hops as we really wanted the fruit to shine we then fermented this beer slightly warmer to insure a complete fermentation and a crisp, dry finish. Lastly, we added REAL raspberry puree for a fresh fruit flavor and a bit of color. Brewed with Pale and Wheat Malts. Hopped with American hops. Alc. 5.25% by volume.

Royal Kilt Inspector Scotch Ale:

This dark ale is brewed in the Scotch Ale style. Deep ruby brown in color with a big malt sweetness balanced with just enough hop bitterness to tingle the palate. Brewed with pale and crystal malts, roasted barley was added to lend a dark hue. Balanced with English First Gold hops and aged with oak chips for a mellow flavor.Alc. 6.7%, 25 IBU